Racesafe RS2010 (Adult/Child)

$ 275.00

The RS2010 offers the highest European & BETA standards of protection with market leading comfort or flexibility. The flex of up to seventy independently hinged foam sections allows movement & circulates air throughout the RS2010. Designed to enable riders to perform consistently at their peak.
  • EN13158:2009 (Level 3) & BETA 2009 (Level 3)
  • Highest available standard of protection
  • Market leading comfort & flexibility
  • Up to 70 independently hinged sections
  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Molds to individuals body shape
  • 20 standard size range. Full 22 color range. Custom Color Options Available (click the color icon at bottom for details).
  • Adjustable for perfect fit & choice of back lengths

Size Chart (the sizing information is to act solely as a guide for sizing).