Provent Fitting Guide


SIZING INFORMATION - The sizing information is to act solely as a guide for sizing.

Tall - For core sizes within the range, a longer bodied tall fit is available. Suitable where the standard size is not long enough.

Front - This features a front with an extra row of blocks.

Back - It also features longer back options compared to the standard size.


Ladies Fit

For sizes Adult Large & Ex Large a shorter, shaped body is available as a Ladies Fit. Suitable where the standard size is too long in the body.

Front - These feature a front with a row of blocks removed & the next row tapered to lift the side off of the hips.

Back - It also features shorter back options than the standard sizes.


Step 1

Measure the chest size and select an appropriate STD fit size from the size chart.  If towards bottom of the chest measurement range for a size, start by trying the size down.

Step 2

Before trying on, loosen the side adjustments to the maximum allowance. Once on, insert thumbs into the armholes to bring the two sides together and to help make doing up the zip easier.

Step 3

Tighten the side adjustments by pulling down on the elastic cord and sliding up the lock.

Front & Body Length

Step 4

At the front, the Body Protector should reach up to the breastbone and cover the bottom rib at mid chest.  The front length should not restrict movement within the range of a riding position. The body protector should sit off the hips at the side with a neat fit over the shoulders.

Back Length

Step 5

Check the back length by sitting on a saddle and ensure the Body Protector does not hit the saddle or impede movement. There should be approximately a hands width between the saddle and the bottom of the Body Protector. It should be possible to lean back in a balanced position without the bottom of the body protector catching the saddle.

Or measure the required back length from the prominent C7 vertebra at the base of the neck down to where the body protector should finish. Refer to the size chart to choose correct back option for that size.