Helite is the worldwide leading manufacturer of airbag vests and riding jackets. Carrying the name Point Two the airbag vest became well known worldwide and has more than 65,000 users. Since 2013 Helite has been developing and selling their original airbag vest exclusively under their own name.

Helite’s 11 years of experience and technology has enabled them to design and produce for equine sport a pressure airbag with not only a large volume but also an extremely fast triggering mechanism with a release time of less than 0.1 sec. The airbag vests produced by Helite have been able to prove their value numerous times and are suitable for use in all disciplines of equine sport.


Racesafe bring you a range of market leading body protectors that are synonymous with safety, comfort and style. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders, throughout the equestrian & racing world.

Racesafe utilize foremost developments to offer the latest European & BETA standards of protection at market leading weight levels.  Each body protector is designed with comfort and flexibility at the forefront. The flex of up to seventy independently hinged sections, circulates air throughout each body protector and allows every rider to perform at their peak.

We are proud of our British heritage & manufacturing. We believe it’s important to our customers too, the idea of investing in something of real long-lasting quality. Every product leaving our Northamptonshire factory is defined by over 40 years of experience & development.

Rodney Powell

Built on 25 years of history and experience, Rodney Powell Body Protectors are favored by many leading event riders. Our mission is to remain at the forefront of safety wear for horse riders.


High Visibility is an international specialist company with passion and creative excellence in sophisticated performance reflective sportswear. We are proud to lead the way in the most advanced technology giving you peak performance when you need it the most. Throughout the years our ground breaking designs have changed the way we look at high viz clothing.