Brand Ambassador

Soteria Brand Ambassador


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Soteria Equestrian Safety Brand Ambassador.  We are passionate about promoting and educating equestrians on the importance of safety while offering the finest body protection available.

We are looking for existing customers who have worn our products and understand our brand values as they are the most qualified to represent our company to others.  To be a Brand Ambassador for us it is important that you believe in our products, our brand, and the importance of safety in horse sport. We specifically look for talented riders who have active social media accounts and share our vision of safety, horsemanship, and looking great at the same time!

Soteria Equestrian Safety Brand Ambassadors will need to publish frequent, high quality content on social media and actively engage with their own followers and other riders.  They will be expected to use their social media to spread the word about equestrian safety, our products and promote brand awareness for Soteria.

In return, you will receive 15% off Soteria Equestrian Safety products, Soteria swag, and mentions on our social media channels.

If interested please email Lucy at with your social media handles and why you want to be a part of the Soteria team.