About Us

Soteria Equestrian Safety was founded from a passion to promote and educate equestrians on the importance of safety while offering the finest body protection available.

Soteria Equestrian Safety focuses on obtaining factual information regarding certifications, standards and organization competition rules throughout the many equestrian disciplines. We have and continue to thoroughly research the manufacturers and products we support, through onsite visits and getting to know the people behind the brands. We carefully review, select and promote manufacturers that excel with testing and quality control therefore offering only the finest on the market to our clients. We have years of experience within the body protection industry and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Customer service is our top priority. We understand that selecting the correct vest can be confusing. Soteria staff are here to help with certification, sizing, performance, comfort, warranty, servicing and pricing options. Helping our clients make an informed comfortable decision regarding personal safety is our goal. Understanding the differences in each brand of air vest and traditional body protectors is crucial. When you need your equipment to perform at its best, these differences can make a huge difference with your personal safety protection.

We offer free consultations through many avenues, such as telephone, virtual video connection, group safety talks and demonstrations.

The Soteria Team is proud and honored to be the “Go To” safety resource for equestrians while providing unbiased factual information specializing in body protection and superior equipment.

Soteria is a member of the ASTM International.