Helite: An Insight Into The Brand

Air Jackets by Helite are the ultimate combination of Style and Safety. The most proven and reliable Air Jacket protection on the market with the quickest inflation time. Over 65,000 riders worldwide use an Air Jacket with the Helite Airbag System. 12 Nations were equipped with this system at the London 2012 Olympics.

Helite are the leading Worldwide Airbag Technology Experts with proven quality and reliability. Manufactured in Dijon, France under the watchful eye of the inventor and engineers. Helite prides themselves on the research, development and innovation that goes into all their products. The airbag technology for riders is very simple to understand and use. However, there are critical points that will make a big difference for your safety:

  • Fastest inflation time on the market of less than 0.1 seconds.
  • Optimal pressure. Not too hard, not too soft, the airbag needs to have an optimal pressure to absorb impact energy effectively.
  • Consistent overall coverage. The point of protecting with air is to absorb effectively, but that's not all! Our shape was also developed to prepare the body to resist better against impacts. By inflating tight on the body, the core is strengthened while the head, neck and spine are stabilized to avoid whiplash effects, over-extension and bending.
  • Optimal air protection volume. The cartridge sizes are proportional to the body size. Offering a maximum possible of volume of 15 liters to 24 liters depending on size.
  • Quality for more reliability and safety. Design, development and manufacturing of the airbag systems is conducted by HELITE in Dijon, France. Every single airbag and trigger system is carefully tested and quality controlled.

Both the AIR SHELL and AIR SHOW combine a stylish and tailored appearance, covering the highest level of safety. The AIR SHOW is a first of its kind, developed specifically for show jumpers and riders looking for a more stylish look. The style is classic, though it accommodates cutting edge technologies: technical Soft-Shell, an innovative system for changing the collar shape, and two zipped pockets.

In both models, the airbag is zipped in the shell in 3 seconds. You can swap the GILET for the long sleeve BLOUSON in the AIR SHELL, or choose to wear the AIR SHOW. No matter the weather, or your riding activity, be it hacking or competing, Helite will keep you safe.

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